5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Cooked to Thanksgiving Perfection!

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For real estate agents, competition is a part of everyday life. However, when it’s near the holiday season, you have many options for adding to your marketing strategy in a way that clients may not be expecting. If you get started now, you can make sure you stand out while everyone is enjoying time with family and friends on Thanksgiving day. Take your corporate rentals marketing to the next level with these five ideas.Happy Thanksgiving Day! Autumn feast. Family traditional dinner.

 Show Up With Pumpkin Pie

What’s the first food you think of when the word Thanksgiving comes to mind? For many people, it’s either pumpkin pie or turkey. One of the ways you can show appreciation to those staying in your furnished apartments is by stopping over with a pie from the local bakery. You can do the same with your referral partners to keep yourself in mind over the holiday. If you want to go even further with this idea, make an Instagram story that showcases where you get the pies and who they are going to. Make sure to use hashtags to show your gratitude. Not only will it warm the hearts of those you give pies, it will also get attention from others in the neighborhood.

Get Creative with SnapChat

If you aren’t already using SnapChat to market your business, there’s no better time than the present. It’s a popular business marketing option and you can even show your creativity by making a custom filter. Make a cool filter on Canva to use as a filter and get people interested in learning more about your corporate rentals. You’d be surprised what engagement you can receive using SnapChat. And if you’re worried the app is only used by teenagers, don’t be. There are tons of users between 25 and 45 on the platform, which likely hits your favored demographic.

Pen a Holiday Related Blog Post

Anytime a holiday is coming up, it’s a fantastic moment to educate anyone reading your blog. You can come up with a series that focuses on the holiday season. Add tips that help your viewers learn something new or add to their typical holiday while they are working to buy or sell corporate rentals. This is an easy route to bring in new viewers and add additional value to your current subscribers. Make sure to add local information for SEO and share your articles on social media and through your email list.

Host Thanksgiving as an Open House

For this idea, you want to think about which listing most needs exposure. Then you’re going to cater a full Thanksgiving dinner and invite prospective renters, clients, and referral partners to dine. This will make people more interested in the house, which may lead to them exploring it and talking about it later. Plus, you get to be a part of a special holiday memory that will last. This is also a great marketing option since guests are going to post about it on social media, which gives you even more exposure.

Send a Heartfelt Message Out

Our final tip is a simple one, but don’t take the easy route. Everyone is going to shoot out generic emails of holiday cheers. You want to be the message that people appreciate getting. One of the best ways to do this is by shooting short video messages and sending to people you are thankful for. This reminds them of you and your furnished apartments, as well as any experiences you have had together.

Book Furnished Rental from CHBO

There are tons of great times through the year to take advantage of holiday-based marketing, so why not start with Thanksgiving? You can start planning and have holiday marketing planned for the whole year. You’ll never miss an opportunity to connect and bring someone into the fold.

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