Decorate Your Rental for Christmas Without Upsetting Your Landlord.

Christmas home rental

Many people find themselves in some sort of furnished housing during the holiday season. It could be due to a relocation and you (and your belongings) have yet to settle into a permanent home. It could be that you are on an extended stay for a work-related, medical or other issue. You might frequently rent furnished apartments because you travel constantly for work.

Yet, whatever the reason you are in furnished housing over the holidays, it does not mean you have to for go Christmas decorating. Yes, it is likely that the terms of your rental say you cannot make holes in the walls or redecorate with paint, wallpaper and all the rest. However, there are many ways you can work around these challenges and still rent furnished apartments that bring the “no place like home for the holidays” feel.

Rental Home for Christmas

Here are some of our top tricks and tips to doll up even the dullest furnished housing this holiday season:

Wreath it up – People who rent furnished apartments sometimes find these spaces to be a bit utilitarian, from the front door to the bedroom, things are kept low-key and, well, plain. So, start to bring on the Christmas cheer right at the front door and attach a real or artificial wreath that meets your taste. Metal doors can use strong magnetic hangers to do the trick, and wooden doors can usually be fitted with a “wreath hanger” that slides over the top of the door and still allows it to close snugly.

Bring on the tabletop decor – Most of us have a few ornaments and decorative items that fit on a tabletop. If you want to bring in that holiday feel, use every available surface (including end tables, hall tables, edges of door frames and windowsills, and all the rest) to hold your bits of holiday decor.

Accessorize – As noted, furnished housing sometimes keeps the palette plain in order to suit everyone who opts to rent furnished apartments. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot inject your favorite holiday colors. Toss a few throw pillows on the sofa, armchairs and bed – and choose the most Christmas options available. Use a nice blanket or throw, put out cut flowers and even a small potted tree.

Don’t forget that few landlords will have a problem with some potted plants, and you can bring loads of Christmas atmosphere if you choose small potted pines and even doll one up as an authentic Christmas tree. Garlands work wonders, too! You won’t break any lease or rental contract using these tips, and yet you’ll have a very Christmas themed living space throughout the season.

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