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Find out what the ideal bedroom count is for offering corporate housing

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Published Date: 2019-04-24
Corporate Housing Real Estate Segment: Properties


An essential difference between the full-service??corporate housing industry and the independent corporate housing real estate segment is the size of property that is rented – and more specifically, the number of bedrooms. Corporate housing rentals in residential properties rented by private owners are generally ?larger, ?in both overall size and bedroom count, than the typical, business-to-business lodging options provided by full-service corporate housing companies.

Property size of bedroom
Number of bedrooms

Property Size: Square Footage

We added this question for better insight in the value of increased square footage. In future years we will expand this to compare the number of bedrooms in the rental property, to the actual square footage of the rental.

Square Footage
CHBO property chart
property type

Property Location

The trend to note with property location is ?Central Urban (high-rise business district) increased by 12% and the outer urban (low-rise business district) decreased by 10%. We haven’t seen this kind of shift in numbers in this category since the survey began.

Property Location
CHBO chart

Property Furnishing = What is included in your furnished rental

CHBO Complete™ certifies that a property includes everything that corporate housing renters expect, using established guidelines from the Corporate Housing Providers Association. It allows renters to find a quality, furnished rental with all the essential elements included in one monthly rental rate. CHBO Complete™ is a critical tool to help potential tenants make educated and correct decisions.

What is included in your furnished rental

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