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Top 5 tips for your accommodations during your temporary assignment or relocation to Hawaii

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Published Date: 2019-09-02
Beach surfers at Hawaii

Determine the right accommodations to fit your needs

If staying to 30+ days a furnished apartment or furnished home can make you stay more enjoyable and allow you to truly experience the unique culture of the island. Families will love a larger furnished home or if on your own a small condo or garden apartment footsteps from the beach might be best. Privately owned furnished properties offer a more unique living experience and allow you in to neighborhoods where hotels can not.

Plan your stay where you want to spend your free time

Rather than staying right next door to the office, choose your temporary home near the mountains if you love to hike or the beach if you love to surf.  You can find a property near the action or away from it all. Take an afternoon to work outside on the patio.

Take in the local foods

Hawaii is famous for amazing fruits and vegetables you won't find anywhere else.  Try Rambutan, Egg Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Guava, Poha Berry or Cherimoya.  You can prepare them in your corporate housing kitchen. 

Honolulu, Hawaii. Skyline of Honolulu

Live like a local 

To become a local you will want to check out some of the spots only locals know to your neighbors or check out this site for a few options here.

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