How the U.S. Housing Rental Market is Already Threatened by Coronavirus

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As you may already know, the coronavirus pandemic is in the process of taking the United States economy into a possible recession. While it does so, it threatens a variety of financial markets. Those who work at mortgage firms are in a place where taking action is required, as the last drop that was this large occurred back in 2008.

The CEO of CitiMortgage lived through that crisis and has offered information on how to deal with the current situation. As someone involved with furnished homes, being aware of what is happening in the market is crucial and should be done regularly.

One of the things recommended at this time for mortgage firms is increasing liquidity. As of right now, over 50% of mortgage originations and 45% of mortgage serving is done through institutions other than banks. For example, a non-bank might originate a loan for a property, which is then sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Those companies later pay a fee to the organizations to service the loan as long as it exists.

The lifetime value of the fee is often referred to as a mortgage-servicing right or an MSR. The organizations that originate these mortgages but are not banks may use collateral as a way to borrow money from banks. This is then used as a means of working capital.

Corporate housing

When rates fall, these organizations may not have the means to obtains financing to service loans on your monthly furnished rentals. In addition, many attempt to hedge the value of a mortgage to safeguard against substantial rate changes. When the market value drops, it becomes more challenging to get the capital needed.

Throughout the United States, interest rates are falling at a quick pace. This is testing non-banks that offer mortgages to those who rent furnished homes. If a landlord is missing a payment, the company must still pay government agencies on the mortgage. However, unlike banks, many do not have deposits and may experience liquidity issues.

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While monthly furnished rentals may or may not experience issues as the coronavirus pandemic continues, there are concerns to be aware of. This stress on the housing market could cause many problems if it comes to fruition. It’s a matter of opinion whether things will ever get that far, but being aware of all potential outcomes is a good idea as someone involved in real estate in any way.

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