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Have You Tried Self Showing for Your Corporate Rental?

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Published Date: 2020-06-08
Smart Homes by CHBO

The real estate market is one of many that needs to stay on the edge of technology. Many companies have opened recently that make it simpler to rent, own, and manage corporate housing. The one we would like to talk about in the wake of coronavirus are self-showings. These showings allow potential tenants to use smart locks and take part in 3D property tours to see a home without a landlord or real estate agent present.

The most straightforward form of self-showing involves leaving a set of keys in a special lockbox that contains a code. A prospective tenant is provided with the code, which offers access to a key, so the tenant can look at the property at whatever time works best for them. Once the tour is done, they simply replace the keys and go on with their day.

However, this brings up concerns about handing off keys and not getting them back. Solutions like Tenant Turner offer software that works with electronic lockboxes and smart locks, which are remotely controlled with a unique access code for anyone who schedules a viewing. Additional safety features are built in, such as requiring a potential tenant to upload their ID and go through a fraud detection system.

Smart Homes by CHBO

There are many positives to offering self-showing of corporate housing during coronavirus, as well as everyday moments in life. Some of them include:

  • Instant Gratification – Renters who want to see a property immediately can do so rather than having to pin down a landlord to be placed on a schedule and waiting for the date and time to arrive.
  • Less Coordination – The landlord, property managers, potential tenant, and leasing agent need to spend less time coordinating tours. The time that would otherwise be spent on these things can be used in more productive ways as a benefit for everyone.
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  • Easier Portfolio Growth – A property manager is able to grow their portfolio more easily since every leasing agent can watch over a more significant number of units. In addition, the vacant units will need less management presence.
  • Quicker Spread Out Showings – If you are someone who has rentals across a large area, self-showings can make it easier to show all potential tenants your spaces. There’s no need to drive to every person or spend extra time waiting for people who never show up.

There are many perks to self-showings for corporate housing, as you can see above. While it may not be something you’ve considered in the past, it’s well worth taking a moment to think about today. It might be the next technology you implement that truly changes the way you do business.

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