Corporate Housing A Perfect Option for Major League Baseball Spring Training and Season

furnished rental for baseball

While it might not fit the traditional spring training season for baseball, training is coming soon for all those pitchers and catchers out there. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) making waves on a global level, things are starting later than usual this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being a part of the action. Furnished rentals in Florida and Arizona can offer precisely what you need. Then book a furnished rental for the remainder of the season in your home town.

Why Rent Furnished Dwellings as a Player

As someone with a career in baseball, spending time on the road night after night can be an isolating experience. When you stay in a hotel room, this only adds to that feeling. Corporate housing, like furnished housing in Phoenix, offers a solution to all the problems that hotels can bring.

  • Convenience – The great thing about corporate housing is that you can select a location that is near the ballpark and the training facilities. Instead of having a long commute to either place, you can get there in minutes.
  • Privacy – Instead of walking through a bustling hotel lobby, you’ll be in a space that is your own. The space is set aside just for you, so you can even have over family members and friends without any trouble.
  • Home Feel – Furnished rentals in Florida offer a place that feels a lot like home. You’ll even get a full-sized kitchen that you can use to prepare your healthy meals every day.
Major League Baseball Spring Training

After the regular season begins, players often spend a lot of time in hotels across the country for away games. Spending time in furnished apartments during training lets you enjoy all the comforts before things get even more hectic.

Why Choose Short-Term Housing as a Fan

Both Arizona and Florida are full of action during spring training. Many fans want to go to training games and lots of kids are currently out of school. This can create issues since hotels start to go up in price. When you’re staying in furnished housing, you can ditch busy hotels, save money cooking your meal, and enjoy local attractions in the area.

Here at CHBO, we recommend that you start your search for furnished housing as soon as you possibly can. As spring training gets closer to the current date, fewer options are going to be available for you. Find a great space now and pay a low price in the process. You’ll be glad that you did!

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