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What to Know About Contactless Move Ins for Rental Properties!

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Published Date: 2020-09-16
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With the novel coronavirus still making an impact around the world, corporate housing property owners may need to make changes to bring in tenants. One of those things is contactless move-ins, where the renter and the tenant aren’t in any one-on-one situations. Instead, the tenant can move in on their own using various high-tech amenities. There are many ways to incorporate this kind of move in, and we’ll explain those, as well as the disadvantages of choosing this method.

Install Keyless Entry Options

One of the top reasons to install a keyless entry system is because it’s convenient. Most people have tons of keys and adding a new one for a trip isn’t always the most exciting proposition. When a keyless entry is installed in monthly furnished rentals, there’s also no need to pass off a key physically. Instead, guests need a code to enter into the system, which will let them right into the house. It also means there’s no need to hide a key somewhere on the property where anyone could stumble onto it.

Consider Digital Payment Options

Another situation where one-on-one meetings are common is when a guest at your corporate housing makes a payment. Having the option to take digital payments makes this a thing of the past while being more convenient for the renter and the tenant. The great thing about digital payments is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Websites like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App are easy to use, and many people already have them installed on their smartphones.

Concerns About Security

Concerns About Security

One of the concerns about contactless move-ins is that they might not be as safe and secure as other methods. However, studies have shown that this isn’t particularly true. If someone is looking to break into a home, they are typically going to do so by forcing open a door or window. Many criminals are aware of how to disengage both traditional and keyless locks. The best way to provide security is by having a surveillance system to go with the keyless entry.

Potential for Fraud

It might seem as if offering digital payment options could open you up to more fraud with your corporate housing, but that isn’t necessarily true. If you work with a well-known payment company, going with digital payments can be safer than the alternative. The important thing is choosing options that are already popular and shown to be secure.

Having a contactless move-in process can change the way you do business with your monthly furnished rentals. Simply adding in a keyless entry system and taking digital payments can bring in additional renters and give you extra flexibility. Consider whether it might be the right option to grow your business this year.

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