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Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Furnished Rental.

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Whether you regularly rent furnished rentals or you want tips for doing it for the first time, there are a few things that are imperative for you to know. Even if you think you've done your research and will be staying at the perfect home, sometimes it isn't all it was cracked up to be. Below are a few super common mistakes to avoid.

Not Understanding the Location

Always check the description for a furnished rental and see how far it is from your office or any attractions you want to visit. While many platforms don't provide the home's exact address, you can always contact the owner to find out more. This is especially important if you want a beach location or a short commute. Consider asking about restaurants and grocery stores, too.

Judging Based on Photos

There's nothing wrong with flipping through all the photos of a furnished rental, but it doesn't tell you everything. Make sure you read the description to get the full details about a home. This can keep you from expecting something that may not be reality. It isn't necessarily that the photos aren't trustworthy, but it still pays to do a bit of research and ask questions.

Judging Based on Photos

Using an Unknown Platform

There are many places to rent corporate homes, but it's best to choose one with a lot of experience. Sites like CHBO are well-known and less likely to be littered with scams than other forums. Always look for how the hosts and homes are verified to be sure you're safe before booking. Avoid anyone who requests a money transfer since this can be a huge red flag.

Ignoring Recent Reviews

The best places to find furnished rentals will let guests leave ratings on their experiences. Reading some of the recent reviews can give you a lot of insight into what you can expect. This is especially true now that COVID-19 is causing a lot of stress and concern. Knowing that you choose a safe place to stay will make you feel much more comfortable when you get there.

Wrapping Up If you take these tips into account when choosing a furnished rental, you'll likely find a place that matches your needs. All it takes is being open to asking questions, doing a little reading, and pay attention to reviews. Make sure you get the rental you deserve for your corporate trip or relocation so you can enjoy your trip.

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