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How to Create a Home Office Feel Within Your Furnished Rental?

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Published Date: 2020-12-04
Work from home

Do you offer furnished corporate rentals? Today might be the right time to consider creating a home office in your rental property. Since COVID-19 started to become an issue, more employers have started to offer remote work. This is why many tenants staying in housing are prioritizing the inclusion of an office where work can be done. It’s convenient, comfortable, and worth paying more for.

But what kind of changes do you need to make to offer what guests are looking for? We have the answers you need.

Make Sure the Space Is Comfortable

There’s nothing that will make your office space stand out more than comfort. The good news is that providing this isn’t as hard as you might think. Investing in a quality chair and desk will make working from the home office more pleasant. Look for ergonomic furniture that can be worked from for hours without causing fatigue or pain. Test out chairs to make sure they’re comfortable. Sit down at desks to see if they are the right height. These small things matter!

Look Into High-Speed Internet

Another thing that can make your office stand out from others is having excellent Internet. One of the best things you can add to your corporate apartment is high-speed Internet. When working from home, the Internet is a must for meetings, but many people also use it to complete tasks every day. Just having the Internet isn’t enough. The Internet should work well and not cause pauses during the workday. Prioritize speed so work can be done fast!

Remember the Extras

Even if you have a comfortable chair, a desk of the right size, and the best Internet possible, that isn’t always enough. The small things can also have a massive impact on remote work every day. For example, does your home office have a lamp? While there might be plenty of natural light on most occasions, a lamp is still useful. It’s a great option for those who work late or on days when it’s gloomy outside. Another item you may not thing to add but should is a printer. Small things like this take an office from decent to outstanding.

Be Prepared to Be Flexible

Adding the basic office items into a room of the house will make you more prepared for travelers staying in your home during the pandemic. It can also give you a leg up on competition even after the health issues are no longer an issue. But remember that everyone has a different situation so be open to flexibility. Add items that help tenants and you’ll have a great chance of bringing in repeat guests!

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