How to Celebrate Halloween When You’re Traveling.

How to Celebrate Halloween When You’re Traveling

With October upon us, Halloween will be here more quickly than you think. As someone staying in executive housing over the holiday, you might wonder what options you have for celebrating away from home. Whether you’re a constant traveler or on a new trip, we have some great ideas for you.

Individuals on business trips, families relocating, and other groups spending time away from home have tons of options. You can create a Halloween that you’ll remember for years to come. It could be even more fun than doing the same thing you usually do.

Community Events

For families with little ones, there are community events in all sorts of locations near executive housing. Keep an eye out for trunk or treat events, fall festivals, and custom contests that will add some fun to the holiday.

Visit the city’s website, pick up a local paper, or join a neighborhood app to find out your options. You could also ask the locals you run into who might know about the best places to show up.

Community Events

Local Trick or Treating

While in executive housing with the family, you could always go trick or treating. The kids will love going from house to house, grabbing candy while dressed up as princesses, superheroes, and monsters.

Find out which spots around town are known for their decorations and visit a few. The adults and kids will both have a good time. Also, it’s a great way to bring a treat to the kids who may not be used to traveling.

Haunted Houses

You’re never too old to enjoy a haunted house so this recommendation goes out to everyone. This is a great way to enjoy a good scare or two on the holiday. Plus, almost every city has at least one or two haunted houses you can walk through.

Keep in mind that some of these locations might be best for teenagers and adults since they could be too scary for kids. But for those traveling alone or with other adults, it’s a fun option.

Orchards & Farms

Another option for the whole family is visiting an orchard or farm. Many of them hold Halloween celebrations with activities for those of all ages.

Take time to find out where the best corn maxes, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches are, and then visit the ones that sound interesting. This is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors on Halloween.

Executive Housing Over the Holiday

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