Tips for Staying with Coworkers in Corporate Rentals

Corporate Apartment and coworking space

Sometimes, a temporary assignment means living in a corporate home with coworkers. This might be the case if the entire team is involved so it makes sense to work, stay, and travel together. Staying in the same home can give you a chance to learn more about your coworkers. It can be a fun experience, especially if you plan ahead of time.

Consider How Expenses Are Split

Before you leave to spend time in a new location, you and all your coworkers should talk about expenses. Your company may pay for travel expenses, housing expenses, and meals, but other items will be coming out of your own reserves. So first, make sure everyone is aware of the reimbursement policy for travel expenses. Then decide how to handle the costs that aren’t covered so it’s fair for everyone.

Make Sure Everyone Has Space

Having a chance to socialize in a corporate home is a perk, but you and your coworkers will also need space from time to time. So spend time with each other and socialize but make sure to carve out personal time each day. This could mean spending time in your bedrooms for a few hours a day or letting everyone have an hour or two alone in the living room.

Make Sure Everyone Has Space

You Don’t Have To Share Everything

While getting to know your coworkers is fine, there is no reason you have to get overly personal or share things you aren’t comfortable with. Keep in mind that you’re on a business trip, and at the end of the day, these are people you will be working with in the office once you get back home. Avoid doing anything embarrassing that might make things awkward.

Consider Team Building

When you’re in a corporate home to work, you may end up spending most of your time worrying about projects and deadlines. However, you should also take time to relax and explore the area. Going to attractions and exciting locations in the area can give you a chance for team building on a casual basis.

When you are traveling with coworkers, the best thing you can do is make sure everyone has privacy and alone time. This also means choosing a rental that accommodates the size of your group. You can search all the corporate homes in an area on CHBO to find the perfect space for your entire team.

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