How to Write a Successful Rental Ad for Corporate Housing

CHBO Furnished Rental listing

Creating an amazing rental ad for your corporate housing can be the difference between a property being booked or staying empty. That’s why it’s important to know what to include to get eyes on your rental. Use the tips below to create an ad that everyone notices.

List Important Information

People looking for furnished housing rentals are going to glance at the amenities you have compared to what they want. Make sure your listing on CHBO has all the best features mentioned including:

  • Rental price and length of rental
  • The square footage of the property
  • Top features and recent upgrades

Not sure which items to highlight? Choose aspects that make your corporate housing stand out. Items like hardwood flooring, natural light, bedding, strong wifi and outdoor space are good options. Add in smart home features and quality appliances, as well as info about parking and utilities.

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Photos Galore

It’s also essential to provide excellent photos in your rental ad. Make sure renters can visualize the space. Show both the indoors and outdoors and include 10-15 photos at the very minimum. Open the curtains and blinds to show off natural light. Photos should be taken from a tripod or another steady place and at least 350×330 pixels, although more is always better. For best results, use photos that are at least 826px (width) X 550px (height).

Try a Video

Want to go even further with the visuals of your furnished housing? Make a video! This gives you the option to show off every foot of space and all the amenities you have available. The more visual media you use, the better renters can get an idea of what being in the space might be like.

Include Restrictions

If there are restrictions in your corporate housing, make sure to list those. People with pets or children want to be sure they are welcome. When that isn’t the case, it needs to be clear so they can keep searching.

Add Extra Important Information

After a renter has read through the basics, they want to know additional info that might make them interested to stay. For instance, put in a description of outdoor features like patios or pools. Include home security details if one is available or whether on-site management is available.

After your furnished rental ad is perfect, make sure to list it on CHBO. You’re sure to get people on your listing looking for furnished housing in your area!

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