What to Consider When Choosing Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

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Whether you’re relocating to the City of Angels or visiting for a business trip, it’s essential to select the best corporate housing. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to flip through all the listings on a website that features corporate housing in Los Angeles.

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, consider the factors below. They can guide your search and make sure you end up in a space you love.


While you may be aware you need to work in Los Angeles, there are many corporate housing options in the metro area. Consider whether you want to stay in the hustle and bustle of the city or you prefer a more suburban feel. Once you narrow down the locations that work best for you, you’ll have a smaller selection to sift through as you move forward.


The amount of time you need to stay in corporate housing in Los Angeles will also factor into the right home, apartment, or condo for you. Some providers will offer month-long rental periods, while others may be more extended, and some might be even shorter. A flexible corporate housing option with multiple stay options works well, especially if you aren’t sure how long you’ll be in California.

Type of Corporate Housing

Another question to ask yourself is what housing option works best for you. Are you alone and open to a condo or apartment? Are you with a family and in need of a large home? Filter your options to accommodate your needs to be sure you stay somewhere perfect for your trip. You’ll find everything from studio apartments to huge houses browsing CHBO.


There can be a massive difference in amenities between different types of corporate housing. This is where your preferences will come into play. Do you want a home with all sorts of smart gadgets? Do you work from home and need a dedicated office? Are you the kind of person who needs a personal Keurig to use every day? Look for those things to add extra convenience and enjoyment to your trip to Los Angeles. No matter what you need in corporate housing in Los Angeles, CHBO is the best place to look. Look through all the listings to find the home or apartment you’re excited to spend weeks or months in when you get to California.

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