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Corporate Housing: It Is a Great Real Estate Investment

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Published Date: 2022-10-30
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Are you thinking about making a real estate investment? As real estate prices continue to increase, looking at alternatives to typical real estate can be an excellent option for many. One of the unique options that make a lot of sense for many in the new world following COVID-19 is renting out corporate housing.

What Corporate Housing is All About

If you’re unfamiliar with corporate housing, it involves renting a home to business travelers. You might rent to travelers themselves or to businesses and corporations with employees who do a great deal of travel. What makes a corporate property slightly different is that you typically include the furnishings and utilities in the rental price.

Many people travel for business and prefer to stay in a home, apartment, or condo rather than going to a hotel for weeks or months at a time. This real estate investment can be more comfortable for renters while having the same amenities as a hotel.

Short- and Long-Term Rentals

Most corporate housing is designed for short-term stays. Your tenants might stay for a few weeks or a few months while doing business in your location. As a real estate investment, you have the benefit of bringing in professionals who are often tidy and less likely to cause damage to the property.

Corporate Housing

This is an advantageous option if you choose a property in locations with large corporations, popular vacation spots, or other extras that aren’t found everywhere.

At the same time, some corporate housing is available for longer terms. This often makes the rental more attractive for someone relocating into a new area or with an extended assignment in a city far away from home.

Healthcare Professionals Make Excellent Tenants

Since the pandemic started, hospitals have been clamoring for dedicated medical professionals to help out. This has led to a massive rise in traveling nurses going to various locations across the United States. If you have corporate housing near a few hospitals, it is an even better real estate investment.

If you’re ready to use your home as executive housing, it’s easier than you might think. Once you have things set up, CHBO can help with the process. You can list your home, apartment, or condo and advertise to corporations that have traveling employees. Visit our website to learn more and make the most out of your real estate investment!

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