Upgrading Your Corporate Housing Windows and Doors for your Renters

Doors and windows of rental

Your renting guests reserve the right to reside in a safe and comfortable home. That said, it’s up to you as the property owner to ensure the basic protection of the tenant is secured. Your property’s windows and doors facilitate the bare minimum foundations of dependable security, privacy, and shelter. Since the major home improvement starts at the hands of the owner of the property, how will you upgrade the windows and doors of your corporate housing?

Knowing When to Upgrade

Don’t wait for your rental dwellers to start getting angry about their basic needs. Not only will this cause an unwanted stir, but your tenants are hard-working individuals who deserve the best from their living space. There are a couple of ways to be per-emptive about upgrading your windows and doors.

Upgrading Your Corporate Housing Windows and Doors for your Renters


Notice some cracks, dents, or dings on the surface of the door? How about windows with scratches, and window frames that are falling apart? It might be time to upgrade them. Minor damage and prolonged weathering cause severe decomposition to doors and windows that we don’t think about over time. Once they’ve reached a certain point of abuse, it can become easy for the weather to find gaps to seep through. This will cause energy bills to spike.

Also, be conscious that your tenant might not be from the area originally. This means it’s possible they’re dealing with an entirely different climate. Ensure that your doors are in pristine condition so that you’re catering to their comfort-ability.


Your tenants are away from their homes, where they’ve made a safety net for themselves and their families. If you’re noticing an increase in crime in or around your community, please consider the safety of your tenant. It may be wise to install sturdier doors made out of steel with strong locks, and polycarbonate glass panels for your windows. This way, at the very least, your guest will not have to fear for their lives living under your roof.


The doors and windows of your corporate housing are what give their first impression. The curb appeal of your property could just be the characteristic that makes or breaks their decision to choose you now or in the future. If you have outdated doors or windows, consider replacing them with something more modern and eye-catching.

In Summary

Doors and windows might not be the first thing on your list, but they should be given some thought. Your corporate housing tenants will appreciate the extra time and attention given to protect them from harm and cater to their skepticism and comfort in a new environment.

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