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How to Set Up Your Furnished Housing for Guests with Pets

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Published Date: 2022-12-07
Pet Friendly Apartment

It can be agonizing to leave our furry best friends at home while we work hard for their kibble. We’ve become acclimated to having them in our laps while we worked from home, and now we can’t fathom parting from them as we shuffle back into the office. Luckily, there are many ways you can fix up your rental to provide a cozy nest for your guests and their fluffy companions.


Choosing the right upholstery for your furnishings could mean all the difference for doggy accidents, kitty scratches, and shedding between the two. Fabrics such as leather, microfiber, waxed canvas, and microsuede are harder for cats to shred. Also, scratches on leather-like fabrics can be buffed or cleaned easily, whereas fabrics that snag will likely need to be sewn, patched, or completely reupholstered. Not to mention, leather textures will keep you from needing a heavy-duty lint roller to pick up fur and dander. The best part about these surfaces is wet accidents won’t stick or soak in, so those troublesome smells that are difficult to eliminate will be far less common.


They live with us, sometimes they snuggle in bed with us too. In this case, mattress protectors can be a very wise and inexpensive investment as they deter allergens and spills from soaking into the cozy cushioning. Headboards can play the same role as seating upholstery when it comes to pet destruction, so it’s worth vouching for the shorter ones manufactured from metals. Brass and steel bed frames and headboards are impossible to tear into ribbons; they are simply sterilized with your favorite household cleaners. It may be a friendly gesture to choose a bed frame that is lower to the ground for those shorter companions who prefer to sleep at their owner’s feet.

How to Set Up Your Furnished Housing for Guests with Pets


Many products protect furniture and decorations from the lifestyle habits of our fur babies. Claw guards are inexpensive and practical self-adhesive pads that can be placed on the outer corners of our favorite couches. Along with leather, this will be perfect to ensure the longevity of our furniture in a household of animals. Cord protectors are another affordable accommodation for pets that save animals from chewing through cables and electric lines. The last thing you need as a property owner is an electrical problem or a liability.

Finishing Touches

Throws – Make sure your pillows have slipcovers and your blankets are washable.

Plants – Floor plants are just asking to be burrowed in or even eaten, but hanging plants provide a boho-chic atmosphere and can improve overall air quality.

Aroma – Wax burners or automatic air fresheners are a no-brainer to free the space of pet smells. They’re often discreet and can add a touch of beauty to a room corner.

Safety – Make sure all wires and hanging plants are out of reach, provide covered trash cans, and keep small spaces between furniture to a minimum to keep pets from getting stuck.

Familiarity – A tasteful scratching post or plush doggy bed in the corner of a room will help discourage furniture lacerations and provide extra comfort to keep pet stress to a minimum.

Providing hospitable living spaces for your visitors with pets can be easy, economical, and doesn’t necessarily take away from elegant décor. In the end, your pet-loving clientele will be grateful to have an official comfort zone for them and their beloved shaggy friends.

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