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Creating Baby and Child-Friendly Corporate Apartments for Renters

post image Admin Published Date: 2023-03-08 Baby-Friendly Corporate Apartments

There are several good reasons to make your corporate apartments family-friendly. One of the most important is that many business travelers bring their children with them. By making your apartments baby and child-friendly, you provide potential tenants with peace of mind and boost your property's visibility.

What sort of renovations should you consider, though? Not every location has year-round, temperate weather, so consider providing an indoor play area if your properties are in regions that are frequently affected by rain, snow, hail, storms, or other unfavorable weather patterns. That would be ideal for showing the children a pleasurable stay and the parents after a long day of work. You may build a small arcade, an indoor jungle gym, or even a swimming pool. To appeal to families, you can also provide your corporate apartments with toys, children’s books, and board games.

A family will be immediately drawn to a property with an outdoor recreation area, so structures like a basketball court, a swing set, or a picnic/cookout area might be worth considering, too. Other items that might be of interest include sandboxes, monkey bars, rope ladders, and the like.

When it comes to babies, safety would be the biggest concern for parents so dealing with those concerns would be important. Pressure-mounted baby gates are the norm and can offer both convenience and safety. They allow parents to block doorways and stair access to protect their little ones. However, it might be worth installing a permanent, latching baby gate at any stairwell, or to separate living spaces from kitchens.

What other considerations might you make to babyproof corporate apartments? Here are just a few considerations: Babyproof doorknob covers – These plastic covers mount over your existing doorknobs and are designed to make it so that only adults can turn the knob. Electrical outlet covers – To prevent toddlers and children from inserting toys and other objects into electrical outlets, make sure that all of them have protective covers. Cabinet door locks – Make sure that babies, toddlers, and children cannot access cabinets under counters by installing cabinet door locks. Windows – Pay close attention to your window treatments. Use only cordless blinds and never use curtains that might wrap around a child’s neck and choke them. Chemicals and cleaners – If you keep your corporate apartments stocked with cleaning supplies and other chemicals, make sure they are stored somewhere out of the way and out of reach. The top shelf in the laundry room is usually the safest option.

By babyproofing your corporate apartments, you can begin attracting business travelers who take their spouses and children with them, opening up entire new revenue streams.