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Never Give Your Corporate Rental Tenant a Key or Permanent Access Code

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Published Date: 2024-04-02
Access lock for Rental Property

In an effort to add convenience to the rental process for our members, today we are excited to share that we have partnered with Resort Lock. Resort Lock will help corporate housing property owners gain control over their rental properties. What Is Resort Lock? Resort Lock gives property owners the ability to provide their guests with temporary access codes that start and end as programmed by you from anywhere in the world. Why Is This Important? We know that managing guest keys can be a hassle. With Resort Lock, CHBO landlords can say goodbye to key hassles. No more changing locks when keys are lost. No more hassles associated with early check-in or late check-outs. No more giving out permanent access codes to your property and jeopardizing your home's security again! How Does It Work?

Resort Lock is easy to use. Once you buy one of their lock solutions, you'll simply sync your door lock to software on your computer. Then, the software will generate unique and temporary access codes based on your determined start and end dates and times. You can generate the codes from anywhere in the world - no need to be present to give and receive keys again! Where Do I Learn More? Please visit, Resort Lock online or call them at 877-670-5625 to learn more about how this product can help you become a more efficient landlord. You can choose from several lock offerings several lock offerings depending on your needs. CHBO is proud to suggest various resources to its members. If you have a suggestion for other resources we should consider, please contact us. For a list of other resources CHBO current recommends, please visit our CHBO Recommended Sites page online. Enjoy! You can also find more details about Resort Lock on Corporate Housing by Owner's website. Other articles you may enjoy to read:

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