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Rent: Should You Take Credit Cards?

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Published Date: 2024-06-05
Should You Take Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards has its benefits

  • Professionalism
  • Convenience
  • Competitive Advantage
  • and more

Learn why and how to accept credit cards by reading on. Yes!  Accepting credit cards is a must with corporate tenants who may be traveling on business and using the company card. It may be their only method of paying you. What are some of the other benefits to accepting credit cards? Professionalism: You give your tenants an expected level of professionalism and confidence that you’re running a real business. Convenience: You make it easy for them to pay you with little hassle and added work. They’re busy and don’t have time for snail mail. Competitive Advantage: Other “by owner” landlords are taking credit cards. If you don’t, they may have to go to your nearest competition instead. Documented Transactions: Credit cards enable you to document your transactions should anything be disputed. Cash Flow: Credit cards speed up the transaction. No waiting for checks to arrive in the mail and to later clear with the bank. The money is in your account… quickly and easily.2

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