Charlotte Corporate Housing – CHBO City Spotlight

If you’re headed for Charlotte, NC for an extended stay – whether you’re moving for work, you have a temporary contract here, or you’re just in town for a few weeks – you should really consider staying in one of the many Charlotte corporate housing listings on CHBO. With our property owners’ luxury accommodations, you can enjoy all of the amenities and features you could possibly ask for while you get to know the city and where you would like to move here.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Need to Know Info

The population in Charlotte is just under 800,000 people in the city itself with the population of the surrounding metropolitan area sitting at around 2.34 million, about 48% of whom are male and about 52% female.  The median household income here is just over $51,000, which is about $5,000 higher than the median income for the state of North Carolina.

Charlotte corporate housing

City Spotlight: New Orleans Corporate Housing

Get Local: New Orleans Corporate Housing

The Big Easy has never been better, and it’s never been easier to find New Orleans corporate housing. The city is seeing huge demand from a number of different industries. That means growth and profitability, but it also means the new for New Orleans temporary housing for professionals in those industries. From the movie industry to oil to downtown’s new medical corridor, that need has grown considerably.

New Orleans Corporate Housing delivers the right listings for your needs, giving you access to houses, apartments and condos throughout NOLA and the surrounding area.

What’s more New Orleans than enjoying a stroll down Bourbon Street, or visiting the French Quarter, and then returning to your home for some hot coffee and creole cooking? Whether you love gumbo, crawfish etouffe or something else completely, it’s all here in NOLA. Of course, New Orleans is also home to a diverse and growing number of industries. Medicine, oil, entertainment – it’s all here.

Of course, you’ll need a place to stay while you’re in town, whether you’re here for a month or a year. New Orleans corporate housing is available in a range of suit any needs, from independent business owners and contractors to the entertainment industry and business travelers working for Fortune 500 companies alike.

While the Big Easy might not be as expensive as New York City or San Francisco, it’s more expensive than many people believe, particularly when you start considering New Orleans temporary housing. Gas, groceries, mass transit – those costs all come out of your pocket. The right housing can make all the difference, ensuring that your budget goes further.

For owners, CHBO helps you improve your budget by ensuring that you’ve got renters for your home, apartment or condo, and that you’re not pitted against short-term rentals in town.

Of course, Corporate Housing By Owner is also dedicated to helping property owners get their houses, condos and apartments in front of the right audience. We’ve helped numerous owners and managers throughout New Orleans not only list their property, but to keep it tenanted over time. Property owners face serious challenges in today’s marketplace, and are being forced to compete with a wide range of new platforms (including AirBNB). With a focus on 30-day rentals or longer, CHBO is different, and ensures both security and profitability.

Featured New Orleans Properties:

Classic New Orleans Vibrant BywaterNew Orleans Featured property

Located with easy access to everything that greater New Orleans has to offer, this home is expansive and affordable. At just $1,950 per month with a $950 security deposit, it’s a gorgeous yet convenient place to call home during your stay in NOLA.


Marisa loved her stay at this property so much, she said, “We loved our stay at Gretchen’s place in the Bywater SO much we ended up staying for 7 months! The Bywater is a quiet, artsy neighborhood with really excellent restaurants and nightlife within walking distance. We were also biking distance from the French Quarter (which is the perfect distance if you are going to be in New Orleans for longer than a weekend). The house was exactly as described and as seen in the photos. We loved the unobtrusive updates that made the house feel clean and modern while still preserving all the original charm of the historic New Orleans shotgun style. The one thing that doesn’t come across in the photos is how tall the ceilings are. We already miss our sweet house in the Bywater and our amazing host Gretchen!

French Quarter Classic

Who wouldn’t want to be front and center in the French Quarter? When it comes to New Orleans corporate housing it doesn’t get much better than this.French quarter classic

At just $2,650 per month, renters get professionally designed interiors, including original works of art and modern furnishings, and some of the most impressive views imaginable.


Featured Client Testimonial:

Key to NOLA stated, “New Orleans has experienced an extraordinary demand for corporate rental housing. Clients include households who rent temporarily while looking for a more permanent home in New Orleans as well as business and leisure travelers who are here for months at a time. As a real estate brokerage specializing in corporate rentals, Key to NOLA is entering the new year with nearly 100% occupancy.”

If you have never experienced life in New Orleans, it’s a “must” for everyone. Whether you’re interested in seeing Mardi Gras firsthand, or want to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning business boom, now’s the time, and CHBO makes it simple and easy.

Have you had any experience in New Orleans? Whether you’ve taken advantage of the many options for New Orleans corporate housing, or you’re a property owner with experiences to share, we welcome your input. Leave your thoughts.

News: Real estate is back. In a big way. Updated CHBO Property Portal

CHBO / Corporate Housing by Owner announces new updated CHBO / Corporate Housing Property Portal to serve growing demand for furnished residential rentals.

Enter Kimberly Smith, co-owner and principal of Colorado-based CHBO / Corporate Housing by Owner, a corporate housing property rental portal and founder of AvenueWest Corporate Housing and Avenue West Global Franchise who’s not just cautiously dipping a toe back into the post-recession real estate market with her 15 year old, multi-million dollar corporate housing companies she’s leading the charge and taking growing numbers of real estate investors, property owners and business travelers with her.   Corporate Housing Portal

“2014 is the year of the real estate investor,” says Smith. “I’m not interested in running a website that’s essentially a directory of corporate housing listings. What we’re doing at CHBO is much bigger. We’re seeing the growth of a new class of educated real estate investor. We see today as a time that real estate investment can and should be as accessible as trading stocks and those individuals who are able to connect their corporate housing rental properties with the business traveler are seeing much higher investment returns”.

Alpha Books, a division of the Penguin Group agrees. The publisher — knowing the real estate landscape had shifted and seeing a need for investment guidance – recently hired Smith to write and share her hard-earned knowledge with the rest of the world and so was born, The Idiot’s Guides: Making Money with Rental Properties.

Smith endorses the idea that more than ever before, today’s global business entrepreneurs must be agile, lean, savvy as well as unabashed authorities willing and eager to get knee-deep in the industry’s most current tech and virtual platforms which led her to launch CHBO’s most sophisticated website and web presence to date.

“I don’t see that there’s any choice but to change the face of how we do business. It’s simply not the same game or rules that existed seven years ago,” says Smith. “Even if my clients still believe in the long term value of real estate, it’s complicated and understandably daunting. But it’s our job at CHBO to be the most credible, reliable, secure easy-to-use property rental tool and system.  It’s not good enough to shout from the roof tops that corporate housing is a fantastic venture. We have to show investors how and why in 2014.”Rental Property Reviews

After a year-long revamp in consultation and design, CHBO’s newly-launched site features tools that make it easier for property owners to list residences and equips them with improved functionality such as insurance and payment portals, background checks and security. The site is more in keeping, “with the way we expect our world and lives to flow today,” as Smith puts it, “so that customers can integrate all facets of their investment on a seamless platform”.

Within the site, a new portfolio of membership packages has been created as well further simplifying the CHBO experience. “We’ve truly found the right balance between an extraordinary support staff in addition to the best technology available. It’s allowing our clients to be their most profitable in tandem with an easy, pleasant experience,” adds Smith.

With the new upgraded CHBO renters have an enriched experience as well. Simplified search tools – with ample opportunity for search refinements throughout the process – bring renters in contact with the property owners who will best meet their needs. The CHBO Team is excited about the expanding opportunities the new website platform can offer both the extended stay traveler and the corporate housing landlord.  CHBO Rental Property Listing

Learn More about the New Property Search!