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Corporate Housing by Owner Publishes Revised, Comprehensive Property Management Handbook to Educate Corporate Housing Landlords

October 17, 2012 (Denver, Colorado) - To demonstrate its commitment to educating corporate housing landlords, (CHBO) today releases a revised edition of its comprehensive CHBO Handbook. In the new edition of the 50+ page CHBO Handbook, offered on Corporate Housing by Owner for free once you register as a user, CHBO details the ins and outs of how to be a responsible and successful corporate housing landlord.

CHBO, a website that connects individual property owners offering short-term rentals with qualified tenants around the world, has made the CHBO Handbook available to any real estate investor or property owner who is interested in offering their furnished rental property to corporate housing seekers across the globe.

"Tenants of corporate housing have come to expect a top-notch product," says Kimberly Smith, CHBO co-founder and CEO. "That's why the CHBO Handbook serves as an important tool for our members and non-members. We want tenants to have a quality experience with their corporate rental, whether they rent from a CHBO member or elsewhere."

In the CHBO Handbook, individual homeowners and furnished property managers will find answers to these questions and more:

What makes a good corporate rental property?
How do you prepare a property for rent as corporate housing?
How do you effectively market a corporate rental property without breaking the bank?
How do you efficiently manage tenant inquiries and requests?
What is CHBO and how does it work?

"The CHBO Handbook offers a unique insider's look into the corporate housing industry and prepares individuals for what it takes to be a profitable corporate housing landlord within the larger monthly lodging industry," adds Smith. "The Handbook is free because we want to make sure all corporate housing landlords are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead when it comes to managing a unique corporate housing rental. We think it's important that every property owner only offers quality properties that meet or exceed generally accepted corporate housing standards."

To get a free copy of the revised CHBO Handbook, visit Corporate Housing by Owner for more information.

About Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO)

CHBO was founded in 2006 out of a need to connect private homeowners and real estate investors offering furnished, short-term rentals with corporate housing seekers such as traveling executives, relocated professionals, traveling nurses, actors, athletes and more. The company provides individual homeowners and investors with tools to manage a corporate housing property themselves as well as helps them market their properties to the mass audience turning to corporate housing to fulfill their housing needs.

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