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CHBO Rental Program Rental Protection

At CHBO, we understand that accidents can happen during guest stays. With the CHBO Rental Program, both guests and owners are protected by our comprehensive rental coverage. This affordable protection ensures peace of mind in case of unintentional accidental damage, according to the terms and conditions of the coverage. The terms and limits are mention below. Only reservations through the CHBO Rental Program have accessed to this rental coverage.


Aggregate Limits

Claim Deductible 

USD $150

Accidental Damage


USD $5,000 per insured individual

Protection for accidental damage to the unit. Coverage includes but not limited to broken furniture, damage to walls, damage to  countertops, damage to floors. Only (2) claims are allowed per 360 days.



We allow 4 days from the departure date to initiate a claim with the CHBO rental protection program. If the claims are not initiated within 4 days, you will forfeit the right to file a claim.

Please send email to including pictures and a description of the damage to initiate the claim.

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