How to Create a Pet-Friendly Furnished Rental

If you’re catering to the many business travelers who take along their beloved pet these days, here are a few tips to pet-proof your home and to show you welcome animals too!

1) Purchase a dog bed for each floor of your house. It’s a small investment to make but may save you big time in the end. Pets need an inviting and soft place to lounge – by giving them their own beds you are deterring them from spending time on your couches or beds.

2) Use a semi-gloss paint on the walls because it is easy to clean up with soapy water and a sponge. For difficult stains, try Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. It’s amazing at cleaning dirt and grime off walls.

3) Avoid having exposed hardwood floors. Keep hardwood covered with large rugs and runners or opt for Pergo or carpeted flooring. Exposed hardwood floors can get scratched by a dog or cat’s nails.

4) Keep pet feeding supplies on hand, like a bowl for food and a bowl for water. It’s unlikely a homeowner would travel with those supplies and they might end up using your good dishes to feed Fido – ick!

5) Invest in a good vacuum. Encourage your homeowners to vacuum weekly or ask them to pay an extra fee for a weekly cleaning service. Pet owners are happy to pay extra if you let them keep their animal in tow.

6) Set ground rules. Dog poo must be picked up. Leave plenty of baggies to encourage pet poo pick up. Also, discuss with your renter the possibilities the dog could bark and disturb neighbors, damage property, and other issues ahead of time. Set a plan for handling such situations so there are no conflicts.

7) Think about leaving a few dog treats or toys in your home to show the homeowner you’re welcoming not only the humans but also the animals too. Pets owners love pampering their pets after all and you will certainly make them feel welcome by inviting their dog into the home.

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