5 Tips to Keeping Your Corporate Rental Tenants Happy!

Keeping Your Corporate Rental Tenants HappyIf you’ve been a corporate housing landlord for awhile now, you know that keeping tenants happy is priceless. They create a more positive experience, pay on time, create less work for you, take care of your home, leave nice reviews on your CHBO profile, and often become repeat clients down the road.

If you’re wondering how you can find – or create – these happy tenants, follow these five golden rules:

1. Aim for Long Term Renters: Skip nightly and weekly stays and rather opt for those interested in one-month or longer stays. Longer stays typically mean less turnover and therefore less work and stress for you and them.

2. Return Calls and Emails Promptly: Your tenants need to know you’re there for them 24/7. Don’t let more than a few hours pass by without returning a call or email from them. If you’re going to be out of town, make sure they have a back-up emergency contact.

3. Leave a Detailed Property Manual: Having a detailed property manual available to your tenants will help lessen the burden required by you. A property manual will empower your tenants to find everything they need to have a successful stay in your property from “how to use the remote control” or “how to work the thermostat” to “where do you keep the cleaning supplies” and “where to dispose of trash.”  Read our blog post on how to create a property manual that works!

4. Keep Your Property in Working Order: Always be sure to keep up with property maintenance and repairs. A broken sprinkler head can result in a dead lawn. A broken window can create water damage to your hardwood floors. Working toilets and clean baths are a must! Between tenant stays, make sure you conduct regular maintenance on the property – and always fix any tenant request promptly too.

5. Communicate Regularly: Make sure you’re checking in with your tenants regularly (twice a month), especially in the beginning. You want them to feel welcome and at home and allowing them time to ask you questions goes a long way to building that positive and lasting relationship with them. Remember, clients who feel they are well taken care of and feel good about renting from you will more likely write you a winning review, refer you to other potential tenants, and come back for more at a later date! Are you doinCorporate Housing Handbook g everything you can to create a happy situation for you and your furnished rental tenant? Leave us a comment and give us some of your “happy tenant” tips!

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