Year-End Checklist for Corporate Housing Owners.

Soon 2012 will be a distant memory and we look forward to a New Year and new outlook on life again.

In between shopping, wrapping gifts and attending holiday parties, here are some year-end maintenance items to consider taking care of before 2013 says “goodbye.”

1. Give Your CHBO Listing a Once Over: If you haven’t reviewed your listing for awhile, you might have forgotten that the headline on your listing is still talking about your Summer 2012 specials – doh! Make sure your property listing’s copy is up-to-date and captures the current season correctly.

2. Update Your Digits: We often forget to update our CHBO listing when we update our phone number or email. Check your CHBO account and make sure your contact info is correct so tenants have no trouble reaching you.

3. Review Your Documents: Make sure your lease, move-in/move-out forms and contracts are up-to-date. It’s always good to give them a once over on an annual basis to account for any changes.

4. Refresh Your Photos: Maybe you’ve had the same old photos on your listing for years and years. Take some time in the New Year to capture some new photos. And if you have holiday decorations currently in your corporate rental, take some photos that you can use next year to market your property during the holiday season. We recommend Obeo for an inexpensive way to obtain professional photos for your property listing.

5.  Look At Your Reviews: Do you have tenant reviews? Are they positive? Negative? Are there things you can do in the New Year to solicit more reviews? Are there things you can do differently to create a more positive experience for tenants?

6. Tax and Financial Planning: Maybe there are some deductions you can take before the year-end, like making repairs or installing a new appliance in your corporate rental. Talk to your CPA to see if there are added deductions you can take before the year-end.

As we say goodbye to 2013, don’t forget to give some TLC to your corporate rental and CHBO listing. Good luck!

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  1. August
    December 29, 2012

    Great post and good advice. Thanks CHBO for being a source of great information on the Corporate Housing business. Keep up the good work!


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