CorporateHousingbyOwner literally changed my life

For over a decade I had rented out our cottage for $1k/month on a long term lease and lived in a larger home on the same property. After learning from a CorporateHousingbyOwner consultant the cottage could fetch from $2k to $2650 on the short term market, I invested $20k in the turning it into an abode that “felt like a 4-star hotel only homier.

Since the first day it was available it has rented for no less than $2k and as much as $2.5k/month. One time depreciation allowances for many of the items in the improvement allowed me to write off more than half the improvements and pay nearly zero fed and state taxes. lt also allowed carry forward losses applicable to next year, lowering my adjusted income by thousands.

The main house has rented for nearly $5k every month but one since I put it up on CHBO. The combined income from both properties is close to six figures, which allows me to live in our former vacation home in the Sierras and work solely on an Internet startup with two friends. Without CHBO, this would not have been possible.

–Silicon Valley Homeowner (David S.)

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