CHBO Complete = Wi-Fi Free

Consulting Magazine just released their “Best Places to Stay – Travel Survey” and the survey says…

98% of Traveling Consultants EXPECT Free Wi-Fi!

56% Said Free Wi-Fi influenced where they decided to stay!

The moral of the story is, if you want to rent your property to a traveling consultant you MUST have Wi-Fi included in your monthly rental rate and you need to make sure your property listing includes this information so prospective tenants can make an accurate and informed rental decision.

Also note in the annual Corporate Housing Industry survey they found the Serviced Corporate Housing Industry to be $2.66 Billion dollars in rent last year in the US with 62,659 full time rental corporate housing properties. This survey did not specifically ask about Consulting travel but they did find 22% of corporate housing clients, or $585 million dollars in rent were the result of “Project and Training” travel and another 15% or $399 million dollars in rent were the result of “other.”

In the 2012 “by Owner” Annual report 67% of property owners stated their tenants stayed as a result of business travel.

Moral of the story… Get Wi-Fi for your rental property, Include it in the rental rate and make sure you property listing tell everyone about it! Have fun and get your property rented to the right tenant today.

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