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Great Corporate Rental Tip: ASK FOR PICTURE ID!

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The following was shared on "I ask for picture ID before I will process an application. Sometime people will drive to see a corporate rental and then tell me they don't have a license. I'm not the police, but I'm not processing an application without an ID. I'm sure they have a state-issued ID to buy their beer and cash their checks. Anyway, the best reason to get the ID proved very valuable yet again. The address on the license doesn't match any previous addresses given. The applicant insisted it must be an error on his license because he has no idea about that address. Interesting. The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) in my state doesn't issue actual license when you go to the RMV - they mail it to your address listed on license. So how did you get the license if you never heard of the address? He couldn't come up with an answer for that, but I imagine that the same address (and several others not listed on the application) came up on the credit report. Once again you have to dig a little deeper when applicants put down Mom's address as their only previous rental."

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