Why it matters: Airbnb hires hospitality expert!

As a former San Franciscan I am very familiar with the Joie de Vivre hotels. I know we all have our favorite Joie de Vivre hotel – each one with its own charm, theme, great customer service and unique lodging experience.  So really it was no surprise to hear that Airbnb just hired Chip Conley the founder of Joie de Vivre as their new Head of Global Hospitality.

Head of Global Hospitality?   Nice title, but what does that really mean?  I think it means that Airbnb came up with an interesting idea to connect couches and rentals with travelers but they have come to discover that Price (cheep place to stay) is not all the traveler really wants.

What travelers want  regardless of the price is a great lodging experience.

Step (1) Know what your traveler wants.

Step (2) Establish the travelers expectations.

Step (3) Deliver on the travelers expectations.

Yes, it is that simple.

CHBO CompleteHere at CHBO we don’t need to hire a hospitality expert because we figured that out a long time ago and that is why we created the FREE CHBO Complete tool for you to utilize.

The CHBO Complete program allows tenants and property owners to have a shared level of expectations of what will be included in the rental.  Properties that are CHBO complete follow a minimum list of property furnishes that follow the guidelines of the Corporate Housing Industry and have utilities, cable, internet and phone all included in one rental rate.  Both property owners and tenants can printout these guidelines and property inventory lists to ensure they both have the same expectations.

AND we took the time to create the Corporate Housing Handbook available FREE online or you can purchase a hard copy from Amazon for only $17.96.

It is great to see Airbnb is starting to realize rentals are more than just great photos on a nice website – successful rentals are all about the relationship between the property owner and the tenant!

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