New tool to help DIY Corporate Housing Landlords

These days we come to expect Google to always have some new idea to become more a part of our lives and to be totally honest I wasn’t overly excited when I first heard about the new Helpouts by Google. Why would this make my life easier I wanted to know. Sure my Sister-in-law has been taking guitar lessons over the internet for years so the idea wasn’t that new to me.

But today I was playing around with the site and I do believe there is value to the corporate Google - New Tool for Corporate Housing Landlordshousing landlords or property owners when it comes to corporate property maintenance. Sometimes we just need to ask an expert a question and for $1 a minute for talking with a qualified plumber it can easily be less expensive than the service call. Take a look and let me know what you find.

Mostly I just want to know what Google is building on the barge in San Francisco Bay 🙂

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