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Annual Report: Corporate Property Marketing!

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Published Date: 2014-01-31


  • Marketing Trends. In 2013, 37% of respondents say they spent $500 or more on their annual marketing efforts – down from 2012 but consistent with 2011. 51% of “by owner” landlords say their corporate properties were always rented (up from 40% in 2012), while the remaining 49% say they needed more tenants.
  • Marketing Resources. 72% say they had professional photos taken of their corporate properties (up from 63% in 2012), and 37% say they have a dedicated website for their properties. More individual owners are seeing corporate property management as a viable income opportunity that requires polished marketing. In addition, social media is also playing a bigger role in finding renters.
  • Marketing Results. The majority of “by owner” landlords say they use the Internet to promote their corporate properties. 67% of respondents say they use CHBO’s basic listing service, followed by 50% who use Craigslist (a 6% increase over 2012). Respondents find they receive the most qualified leads and the most renters from Internet marketing, followed by real estate agents.
  • Internet Reservations. In 2013, we again asked how the “by owner” segment feels about real-time booking reservations, in which the corporate property is leased through a computer website and the property owner has no interaction with the tenant. 25% of respondents say they have used one of these programs (up 9% over 2012). However, 48% say “no,” they would never rent their corporate property without talking to the tenant first.
  • CHBO Services. Of the respondents using CHBO, they tell us they use the following CHBO tools the most: (1) The property listings (2) The MyCHBO documents page (3) The Property Owner Handbook (4) This “By Owner” Corporate Housing Annual Report.

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