Annual Report: Corporate Survey Respondents.

Corporate Survey Respondents

  • Property Locations. Hundreds of property owners from across the United States (including 38 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) and Canada responded to the 2013 survey. The highest response rate came from property owners in California, followed by Colorado, Texas, Washington and Illinois.
  • Number of Properties. 42% of corporate survey respondents say they have one rental property – about the same as 2012. Meanwhile, 41% report they have two to five properties. This group is up from 35% in 2012 – but the percentage is back to a similar level seen in 2010.
  • Years as a Corporate Housing Landlord. 38% of corporate survey respondents say they have been furnished landlords for five years or more. This number has continued to grow over the last few years (up 4% over 2012 and up 13% over 2011), indicating that property owners are finding long-term financial success in their rentals.
  • Reasons for Being a Corporate Housing Landlord. At an all-time high, 59% of corporate survey respondents said the reason they are corporate housing landlords is for the long-term investment.
  • Corporate Housing Terminology. Similar to last year, 75% of corporate survey respondents list their rentals as “corporate housing,” followed by 51% who list their properties as “furnished rentals.” After two years of seeing a decrease in the number of people who refer to their properties as “vacation rentals,” there was a slight 4% increase in that terminology.

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