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Want a free way to learn more about real estate investing in the comfort of your own home? If you are tired from reading all those real estate investment books now you can watch expert real estate investors on short, interesting Podcasts on Flipnerd.com.

I met Mike Hambright last year at a real estate investors’s conference in Baltimore and he is the perfect example of the “guy next door” who learned how to be a successful real estate investor which is now his full-time job. This year Mike is excited to take his knowledge to the next level by sharing what he knows and all the other great information he has learned along the way from the investors themselves.

Last month I had fun spending a morning with Mike and talking about my real estate investing adventure as well as how my husband and I have taken that information into 3 successful businesses. We started by doing AvenueWest Corporate Housing a real estate property management business, then decided there were more people to help and created the corporate housing marketplace Corporate Housing by Owner and now we help others develop their managed corporate housing businesses through our franchise program at AvenueWest Global Franchise.




More about my Story:  Click Here and watch the podcast

More About Mike: Mike Hambright is a successful residential real estate investor and American entrepreneur. Mike has purchased hundreds of houses, mentors a rapidly growing team of real estate investors from coast to coast that buys tens of millions of dollars worth of houses per year, and has taught large groups of real estate investors in person (and thousands online) how to become successful rehabbers. Mike is a speaker, publisher of training videos, Host of FlipNerd.com and Publisher of FlipNerd Real Estate Investor Magazine.

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    March 13, 2014

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    March 13, 2014

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