Yes, Java Update is a MUST!

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to work right and the universe just seems off. I know we all have. When I talk with Property Managers and especially Leasing Agents I always tell them to “Trust your gut”  when things just feel wrong. If a leasing transaction seems off, take the time to find out why. If a property condition is not like you left it and no one was supposed to be there, then change the locks. Don’t just assume you are off, slow down enough to really appreciate the smaller things in life that might not be right and you may find you can prevent a larger issue from happening.

Stop and Listen! As part of your property inspection do you stop and listen? This is a great way to notice if water might be running, an HVAC system is working too hard or even if a bird has decided to nest in a vent.

Update!  When is comes to computers I also find people get frustrated when things don’t work right. Always stop and update. First this is the best way to prevent viruses and hackers. A lot of operating system updates are designed to cover up holes in your system. If you are on a webpage and you can’t find a button to push or a photo is not there it may mean you need to update your JAVA script to see the site the way it was designed.

Click Here: JAVA Script UPDATE

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