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Rental Properties: Design Ideas for the Corporate Tenant.

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Published Date: 2014-10-24
Rental Bathroom Feature

Here at CHBO we get a lot of questions from property owners about what does a great Corporate Tenant expect from my property. The truth is they expect a lot! To be a great corporate housing landlord you need to understand what the tenant expects, communicate what they should expect from your property and then meet or exceed those expectations. Setting and meeting expectation will ensure all of your corporate housing tenants are satisfied with their rental experience and will give your property a great review making it easier for you to connect with that next great corporate housing tenant. So what are some easy ideas from the experts to make your space perfect especially if you have limited space? Today guest blogger Rheney Williams will give us some ideas.

Rental Design Ideas for the Corporate Tenant: Space-Saving Storage for Smaller Bathrooms

Great corporate tenants don't need the biggest rental space, but they do require quality and efficiency. When decorating your rental property think about the little touches that will make your tenant's stay the best possible.

Just because your bathroom may not come equipped with nooks and crannies for tucking things away and closet space to spare, there's no reason you need to skimStorage space for smaller bathroomsp on what you keep in there, or settle for a less appealing place to offer prospective tenants. After all, smaller bathrooms need to stock the same items as their larger counterparts -- just in a smarter way.

Fortunately, there are many great products out there to help with that. At the same time, it's all about using the space you have more efficiently and more effectively. Consider the following.

Shower Savers to make your Corporate Tenant Happy

Small shower? There are several different ways you can make the most of your available space without sacrificing the quality of your shower experience.

Shower saversFirst, you can hang a shower caddy over the top of the shower head.

This places everything you need right at eye level, yet still out of the way, and allows you to keep the shower floors free of clutter, leading to a safer shower and less time spent cleaning up dirty rings on the floor when it's time to clean the shower.

Although you can drape a wash cloth over the bottom rack, my husband prefers to hang his handheld mirror here to allow him to shave in the shower. As any busy wife or fastidious roommate can attest, it's extremely annoying to have to deal with a puddle of water in front of the vanity (or a soaked bathmat) and facial hair remnants in the sink from a pre or post-shower sink shave.

Or maybe you prefer the freedom that comes from storing everything out of the way and in the far corners of the shower; for that, you need a corner caddy.

When we were first married, my husband and I shared an apartment with one bathroom; although he could have survived with a single bar of soap on the side Corner Caddyof the tub, we ladies need our toiletries, and the baskets in the corner caddy we installed were perfect for holding my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, shaving get the picture!

The non-permanent nature of the corner caddy was a lifesaver when it came to sharing the shower, and we were able to remove it and take it with us when we left.

A little organization tip when using a multi-tiered corner caddy: Place loose bars of soap on the bottom rack to avoid the slippery conditions created on the items below by picking up and putting down wet bars of dripping soap during a shower.

Finally, if you have multiple people using the same small shower, a great way to keep everyone's items together yet distinguished from each other is to hang multiple wall baskets from suction cups in corporate rentals.Two leveled baskets

Look for two-leveled baskets like the one above to prevent frustration and wasted time spent trying to grasp or locate a slippery bar of soap that is on the same level as the other basket contents.

Saving on Floor and Cabinet Space

In our downstairs powder room, we have a spatial problem of a different kind: The bathroom only has space for a pedestal sink and a toilet. I've had to find creative ways to make up for the lack of a vanity, with its super functional drawers and closeable cabinet door, and the presence of just enough clearance to walk in and turn around.

If you find yourself dealing with the same difficulties, the perfect way to make the most of a lack of floor space and cabinet storage is to merge the two and use multi-tasking items. For example, a toilet caddy with a magazine rack serves dual purposes and keeps reading material off of the back of the toilet or the floor.Bathroom Organizer

As a final tip on maximizing your space, one way to create a cohesive aesthetic and make the room feel larger as a result is to use the same finish in your accessories and fixtures. By giving your eye the same metallic image no matter where it looks – from your shower head to your toilet paper holder – you can create the illusion of a streamlined, more expansive space instead of breaking up the continuity by mixing metals and drawing attention to the separate "stations" in the room. If your fixtures are chrome, stick with chrome for all of your accessories; the same goes if you prefer oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel, etc.

What other smart products and space-saving techniques have you come across over the years for your smaller bathrooms?

Rheney Williams writes on space-saving ideas for the home and office for Home Depot. Rheney's efficiency tips for organizing small bathrooms seek to add comfort to an otherwise small space. To find a large shower caddy collection available at Home Depot, you can visit Home Depot's website.

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