3 Tips: Electric Cars and Corporate Housing Rental Expenses

To Plug or Not to Plug!

That is the Corporate Housing Rental Electric Car Question!

3 Landlord TIPS

At our house the family was very excited the day the new electric car began parking in our garage. But we own our house and even though we had to invest in an electrician to install the charging station, we also invested in solar panels on our roof to off-set the expense of charing our car. Yes, we love our electric car!  

BUT as a landlord the world of electric cars adds a whole new element to Corporate Housing Rentals. Electric cars are great, but as a Corporate Housing Landlord you will need to ask the question…

Electric Cars and Corporate Housing Rental Expenses

“Do you have an Electric Car?”

As we know everything about success in a corporate housing rentals is “setting” and “meeting” tenant expectations.  The electric car is no different.  We, as landlords, just need to make sure we are setting and meeting a few more expectations.

3 Landlord Tips

1) Ask the question “Do you have an Electric Car” or other large item you will be charging (like an electric bike) at the rental property during your stay?

2) Add a clause to your lease requiring the tenant to notify you if an electric car will be charged at the property and re-iterate that this could incur an additional fee for utility overages above standard use.

3) Add a charging station to your rental property and use it as a unique value add item and add it in all your rental marketing.

p.s. If your property is in a condominium building talk with your HOA about building requirements, options and expenses. It is always better to be informed before you get a bill.

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  1. Carrosserie Beerens
    May 29, 2015

    Hi Kimberly, this scenario had happened to me when my power bills inflated all of a sudden. Upon investigation it was revealed that my tenant had purchased a new electric car and refrained from informing us. Thanks a lot for enlightening the land lords through this article. Keep posting such information .

    1. Jeff Richards
      May 29, 2015

      That is a very good point. Be aware of unusual increases in your utility bills and question yourself. If you establish a utility allowance for your rental property this will make it easier for you to approach your tenants with overages. That is unless you have solar panels and the utility company is purchasing power from you. This can get tricky.


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