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Yes, we all want Rental Property Style!

As unique human beings we all seek our own personal style! Yes we do! If we didn’t we would all be wearing the same outfit every day and we would match everyone else. It is in our DNA to want to have choices and when choosing a rental property we do value great rental property style. It is just a fact. Some people are willing to pay more for that style, some people may value that style less and just want an efficiency when it comes to their rental property, however we all want to choose.

As a landlord of a furnished rental property you have choices about your property style and how you communicate that style to potential renters. Most importantly is to communicate the value of your furnished rental property correctly so your next tenant is satisfied with their decision to rent your property and in turn will provide you with a great property review and possibly even a referral for your next renter.

Today Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer, is sharing 4 simple tips on how you can improve your rental property style with just a floor lamp…

4 Ways to Elevate Rental Property Style with just a Floor Lamp By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Lighting is key in any space, but that’s especially so in apartments or rentals. When prospective renters are looking for a new home, one of the main characteristics they look for in a new pad is the lighting. Is there adequate overhead lighting? Task lighting? How about natural light? Should these specific types of lighting be unavailable at the time of their decision, let your renters know they can spice up their space with floor lamps, the most versatile and design-friendly type of lighting out there. Here are four ways to style floor lamps.

1. Open and EclecticFurnished Property Style with lamp

Arced lamps nod to Mid-century design bliss while those with oversized shades add a unique touch to a room looking for an extra bit of oomph. One of our favorite ways to add an eclectic floor lamp to a space is by situating it near a reading nook or lounge area, like the living room. Arced lamps and those with oversized shades help to boost style factor and functionality. Choose a lamp with a metallic stand for a touch of luster and neutrality, or use a unique shade to add color and contrast.

2. Make it ModernRental home with lamp for Property Style

Contemporary style is all about creating angles and sharp edges, and what better way to do that than with a geometric floor lamp? Choose a light boasting a sculptural base to help finish off a chic yet sparse space. Modern floor lamps should be unassuming and effortlessly blend into their environment while also adding a bit of interest to the overall design.

3. Really RusticGreat Lighting Tips for Property Style

The rustic style has been given a refreshing makeover these last few years, and we’re loving the new, sleek vibe it portrays. While floor lamps may seem like an odd lighting source to add to a rustic room, they can actually help bolster the design and anchor the space. Tripod lamp bases are making a comeback in a huge way with masculine finishes and gorgeous details. Choose two to balance a room, planting them on either side of a cognac leather sofa or set of wingback chairs. Add a light bulb with ambiance for a homey glow, and voila—your rustic room just became a little more luxurious.

4. Cult ClassicProperty Style with Lamp

Those who enjoy a more traditional setting should seek out floor lamps that have a transitional look, as they lend a bit of lightness to your room’s overall style. Classic design can become heavy without the right light, so choose floor lamps featuring metallic finishes like gold, rose gold, bronze or polished nickel. A round, white shade always looks bright when fastened atop a statuesque stand. Spring for one to place next to your reading nook for optimal luminosity.

What are some of your favorite ways to style floor lamps in a rental space?
Interior designer and lighting expert Kerrie Kelly advises clients on how to achieve the proper balance of lighting in a room. She takes into account a combination of lamps, overhead fixtures and natural lighting in her design calculations.  Home Depot’s extensive collection of floor lamps, as part of this mix, can be reviewed online.

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