Improve Corporate Housing With Tech Updates

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Those who own corporate housing properties and short term apartments know that there are a lot of moving pieces involved. It is never just a matter of keeping properties booked and clients happy. There are matters such as upkeep and maintenance, cleaning, insurances, property management and more. This is why tech updates are one way to improve your corporate housing outcomes easily and efficiently.

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If you ask owners of short term apartments and corporate rentals, one thing that seems to constantly come up is the unpredictability of utility usage by a renter. One corporate client may use so little electricity or energy as to seem as if they never arrived while others gobble up an entire household’s worth of energy. This can put a crimp into the bottom line, but tech can help.

There are now “smart home” options that can be just as effective for short term apartment rentals as everyday homes. They include:

  • Smart thermostats – Able to learn a tenant’s habits and needs, they immediately adjust but save money by shutting down when the home is empty and even featuring remote functions to reduce costs and waste.
  • Energy monitoring – Apps are everywhere and you can even use them to monitor the rental property’s use of energy. Showing where and when energy is consumed can be a good way to work with renters to cut back on waste.
  • Smart lighting – Though it is great to have internet connected appliances, doors and security, you can also have lighting that operates this way too. Working on programmable switches, using motion sensing elements and even mobile tech can allow lighting costs to be reined in.

With just these tech updates, you can begin to see savings and energy consumption that improve your short term rental earnings.

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