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5 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

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Moving always tends to be stressful for an individual or family, but moving during COVID-19 has only ramped up the anxiety for many people. Lots of people have chosen to avoid moving or rescheduled their move for another time as a bid to stay safe. When postponing isn’t an option, creating a stress-free move is crucial, and we have a few tips to help.

moving during COVID-19 has only ramped

Do it Yourself

If possible, consider doing the move yourself. While moving services are often regarded as essential, many companies have cut their hours or stopped business for now. If help is required for your situation, make sure you research the moving companies near you. Find out about their sanitation procedures, what supplies they have, and whether a cancellation policy is available if your plans change.

Keep Your Space

Work with your relocating corporate housing resource and moving company to determine whether contactless service is provided. This is also a good time to get a virtual quote on the services. Easy actions you can take are avoiding handshakes and using a smile and verbal conversation instead. You can also offer a generous tip as a substitute for physical contact with those helping you.

Stay Flexible and Be Transparent

When moving during COVID-19, make sure you let those around you know when you are moving. This allows them to avoid contact and let you know if the timing will be an issue. If anyone in your home has symptoms of coronavirus, you should postpone the move. While this can be frustrating, it’s more important to keep yourself and those around you safe.

5 Tips for Moving During COVID

Implement Safety Precautions

While moving, wear a mask, booties, and gloves. If a company is helping, make sure you provide supplies for them in case they are needed. You should also disinfect areas that are frequently touched, like door handles and knobs. Keep paper towels and soap near the sinks and hand sanitizer by the doors. It’s also a good idea to buy new boxes since the virus can live on cardboard 24 hours.

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Donate to Help Others

With the pandemic going on, many people can no longer afford necessities like groceries. With schools closed and soup kitchens shut down, it’s more important than ever to give back. You can help by donating shelf-stable items to a food bank or Move for Hunger, which works with moving companies. Moving is hard but using these tips and the help of your relocating housing resource, you can cut down on the stress. You’ll soon be in a new space that you can enjoy now and into the future.

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