Things You Should Pack for Use in Corporate Housing

packing for corporate rental

If you are on a work assignment and using corporate housing for the first time, you may wonder what you need to bring. There are a few items that are essential to remember to make sure your trip is not only successful but also comfortable.

When staying in corporate housing, you are often provided a washer and dryer. These amenities allow you to pack lighter than you might otherwise, as you can clean the clothes that you bring. As you keep this in mind, still make sure to bring enough clothing options so you aren’t worried about having to clean something last minute. It is still important to remember the typical business clothing, shoes, and casual outfits, as well.

Corporate housing also can come with a swimming pool and fitness center. If you are someone who always makes sure to get in their daily workout, don’t forget your running shoes and workout clothes for your trip. If you like to swim or use swimming as your workout, remember to bring your swimsuit, as well.

It is important to remember your toiletries. They include your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and lotion. They can also include items such as your curling iron, makeup, or perfume/cologne. Don’t forget to bring some body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, too. If you have any medications that you use every day, those are important to pack.

Make sure to bring all electronics you will need on your trip. These may include your work computer, chargers, and/or your phone. Don’t forget your power cords and charging blocks; you’ll need a way to keep everything powered up. On top of your electronic devices, make sure to bring other important work items.

Some other items that are vital to remember are your travel documents, itineraries, passport, and wallet. Your trip will not be successful if you forget these essential items. Some of these will be essential if you are traveling in or out of your country.

Even though you are in corporate housing, it is sometimes nice to have something to remind you of home. These can include your favorite pillow or a picture of family and/or friends.

Before you leave for your business trip, make sure that you create a packing list so you will remember all of these items. As long as you do, you will definitely be comfortable as you enjoy corporate housing for the entirety of your business trip stay.

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