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Boston Corporate Housing Marketing a Rental

Boston Furnished Rentals Can Have Inspiring Stories Behind Them!

Published Date: 2019-08-26

In 2013, we reported to you that Rebekah Gregory, a “friend in the corporate housing community…[was] recovering from the bomb explosions in Boston.” She was gravely injured during the attacks...

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Mailbox for corporate rental Marketing a Rental

Reasons to Require a Mailbox Key Deposit for Corporate Housing Tenants.

Published Date: 2019-08-05

Something that continues to gain in popularity are locked mailboxes. This is especially true when talking about new construction and condominium buildings. Keeping your mail safe from prying eyes...

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Russian Hill for Corporate Travelers to San Francisco Marketing a Rental

Property Spotlight: Luxury on Russian Hill for Corporate Travelers to San Francisco

Published Date: 2019-07-22

Not every San Francisco corporate rental that you come across is going to have that extra wow factor that immediately draws you in. This is one of the exceptions that offers everything you could...

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Sunlight and the Big City Marketing a Rental

10 Light, Bright, and Beautiful Corporate Rentals

Published Date: 2019-06-24

If you ask ten people what must-haves they need for their corporate housing which is furnished, you’re likely going to walk away with ten different answers. One person might say that having...

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Resort Style Furnished Home Marketing a Rental

Extraordinary Resort-Style Furnished Palm Beach County Home.

Published Date: 2019-06-11

This stunning Lantana furnished home is a great home base for a corporate traveler staying in Palm Beach County for a month or more. The home is located only a few miles north of Boca Raton and...

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Corporate housing and athletes Marketing a Rental

Furnished Housing and Corporate Housing is Big with Professional Athletes and Others

Published Date: 2019-06-10

Back in 2013, we did a brief investigation into the Latest Professional Athletes Corporate Homes for Sale and explored how often people in the sporting industry had to sell up and find temporary...

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Majestic Luxury Condo on the Water in Wilmington Marketing a Rental

Property Spotlight: Majestic Luxury Condo on the Water in Wilming

Published Date: 2019-04-29

This beautiful Wilmington furnished home is located north of the city in the Augustine Hills and Forty Acres area. Wilmington offers a huge concentration of quality corporations in a small area,...

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finding an corporate apartment Marketing a Rental

Make Your Corporate Apartment Hunt Way Less Terrible.

Published Date: 2019-04-04

What You Make Of It In order to diminish the annoyance in finding a corporate apartment, you shouldn't look at just one unit. It's absolutely integral to examine multiple units. A rule of thumb...

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Independent Corporate Housing Real Estate Segment Marketing a Rental

About the Independent Corporate Housing Real Estate Segment: Outlook & Profitability

Published Date: 2019-04-03

Outlook & Profitability 2018 is the highest year with ?96% of participants stating their property was either profitable (76%) or breakeven (19%)?. Only 4% of owners said their property was...

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