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Corporate housing Update Marketing a Rental

Corporate Relocation Data Updates

Published Date: 2018-06-04

It's that time again, and those eager to make the most of their participation in the CHBO Certified Program will want to have key points about the whole corporate rental market. A good source and one...

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Lights in corporate housing Marketing a Rental

The Impact of Lighting on Your Corporate Rentals.

Published Date: 2018-05-28

Though we supply lots of rental apartment tips for our corporate rentals clients at CHBO, we want to address the matter of lighting in this article. It is far more vital to the success of your...

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Review rental property Marketing a Rental

How to Get Tenant Reviews for your Corporate Rental (And Why You NEED Them)?

Published Date: 2017-09-15

As a landlord or a corporate rental or just as a person living life, you’re busy. Sometimes you’re too busy to sweat the details. When a tenant moves out after an enjoyable stay, you’re...

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Bathroom Corporate Housing Marketing a Rental

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Bathroom with Accessories!

Published Date: 2017-01-03

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID Today, Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer shares her insight about spicing up your  corporate rental bathroom with accessories. Though not traditionally...

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Louisville Marketing a Rental

City Spotlight Louisville Corporate Housing, KY!

Published Date: 2016-09-22

The presence of such enormous entities as the University of Louisville, UPS, and Kentucky Fried Chicken make the city of Louisville, KY a place with a high demand for housing. There are corporate...

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El Paso Texas Marketing a Rental

City Spotlight Furnished Apartments in El Paso, TX!

Published Date: 2016-09-19

Sitting alongside the Rio Grande is the "sun city" of El Paso, TX. Rated as the safest large city throughout the United States, it is the 20th in size ahead of both Atlanta and Boston. Part of a...

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Baltimore-Maryland-USA Marketing a Rental

City Spotlight Baltimore Furnished Apartments, MD!

Published Date: 2016-09-15

The historic coastal city of Baltimore, MD is the home to the sixth fastest growing port along the Atlantic coastal area of the United States. This is not surprising since the city has a long history...

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Nashville Tennessee downtown skyline Marketing a Rental

City Spotlight: Nashville Corporate Housing!

Published Date: 2016-09-12

As the fifth largest city in the southeastern part of the U.S., the capital city of Nashville, TN has long been known for its impressive culture, attractions, and its music. In fact, it carries the...

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Corporate Rentals Marketing a Rental

Successful Corporate Housing Rentals: Design Matters in Marketing!

Published Date: 2016-08-25

Welcome to Summer where we are at the hight of Corporate Housing Demand (unless you are in a reverse market like Phoenix, AZ). Right now most corporate rentals across the United States are full as...

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