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Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline. Marketing a Rental

Jacksonville, FL Corporate Housing: City Spotlight

Published Date: 2016-06-29

Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. With a growing business center, more and more corporations are recruiting talent to this great city. Between the incredible career...

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St. louis housing Marketing a Rental

St. Louis City Spotlight

Published Date: 2016-05-12

St. Louis, Missouri is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States today, and it has a lot more going for it than the Gateway Arch, which is still an impressive structure today, over fifty...

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for rent Marketing a Rental

5 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Occupancy and Nightly Rates

Published Date: 2016-05-09

If you’re new to the corporate housing world and/or you aren’t getting as many renters as you would like for your furnished rental properties, you might need some help with your listings. With...

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tanents feel Marketing a Rental

3 Ways Landlords Can Make Renters Feel at Home in Corporate Housing

Published Date: 2016-05-05

For many renters, moving across the country or around the world for a new job is an intimidating life change. Corporate housing is undoubtedly a huge help during this transitional period, allowing...

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Houston’s Temporary Housing Marketing a Rental

What Does Houston’s Temporary Housing Market Tell Us About Corporate Apartment Rentals?

Published Date: 2016-04-11

When you think of fully furnished apartments with luxury amenities, do you automatically think of cities like New York and Los Angeles? At Corporate Housing By Owner, we have listings all over the...

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get-5-star-reviews-on-property-rentals Marketing a Rental

How to Get Reviews on Your Short Term Housing Properties?

Published Date: 2016-04-04

As a short-term housing property owner, you want to minimize the time your property stays vacant. If you have beautiful short-term apartments in an attractive neighborhood with a lot of amenities,...

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furnished apartments Marketing a Rental

Why Should I Set My Minimum Stay at 30 Days When I Really Only Want Long-Term Renters?

Published Date: 2016-03-28

If you have one or more furnished rentals, and you’re not getting the interest in your properties that you want, it could be that your minimum stay is just too high. While it pays to have lower...

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Beautiful-Homes-in-USA Marketing a Rental

Make Your First Real Estate Purchase an Investment - Yes or No?

Published Date: 2016-03-07

A recent article in the New York Times explored an interesting phenomenon in New York City. More and more people who live and work in Manhattan and Brooklyn are renting apartments in the city during...

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vegas-burj-al-arab Marketing a Rental

Las Vegas Corporate Housing – CHBO City Spotlight!

Published Date: 2016-02-08

If you’re going to Las Vegas for work, whether for a few weeks or months or as a permanent relocation, you’re probably going to need to move out there pretty quickly. You might have to go so...

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