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How to Join As A Landlord


Have A Rental Property? Here Is How It Works.

CHBO provides a property service to assist landlords with the transactional side of renting a property. This program allows landlords to sit back while CHBO manages communication with the guest, creating the rental agreement/paperwork, background/credit checks, deposit and rental collection. This helps streamline the process to make renting a furnished property easier than ever. This program also assures the guest is provided the best experience while renting a CHBO rental property. CHBO will assist in creating your listing and get the property advertisement setup.

We provide high-quality tenants renting homes on average of 6 to 12 months. CHBO will perform a background check on each applicant to qualifying potential tenants and companies renting your property. This service provides the peace of mind for those guests staying in the home. Once all parties are ready to move forward, CHBO will provide a rental agreement that is then executed through DocuSign for signatures. CHBO then collects the monthly rent payment and disperses it to you the property owner monthly. We are here for the tenant and owner during the stay for anything that may arise. When the contract end date is nearing, we help coordinate the move-out process to assure everything goes smooth.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at CHBO. We welcome new properties into the program.

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