Corporate Housing Book Review: The Just Right Home

I am a strong believer that a great sales person knows their customers inside and out. As a property owner, who is trying to rent your property, I know you will be more successful if you take a minute to really understand your potential renter. I found The Just Right Home  to be an insightful and useful guide for anyone thinking of moving, upsizing or downsizing and also full of great real estate fundamentals.

Corporate Housing Book Review: Just the Right Home – Marianne Cusato, Workman Publishing 2013.

“Am I living in the right Place?….  Moving today means more than changing addresses. It is an opportunity to assess how you really want to live… This book explores the factors beyond home that affect your quality of life. The goal is to help you consider all of the variables so you make the best decisions possible, whether you’re taking stock of your current situation or planning a move to someplace new.”

CHBO Term:  “Test Driving the Neighborhood” Even as we see an upturn in the current real estate market we are still seeing a consistent need for corporate housing from potential renters who want to “Test Drive the Neighborhood” before they make the long-term commitment to buy a new home.


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