Corporate Renters: The Dirty Truth About Trash.

Renters, how can you get them to take out the trash?

Always start with having a complete Property Manual with detailed instructions on what to do with trash and what will be considered an excessive clean upon departure.

Here are some ways you can encourage your tenants to take out the stinky trash and save yourself from a potential stench and/or pest problem:Rental properties and tenant trash

  • If the property is a single family home with a garage, post a note about trash day above the garage door opener to serve as a friendly reminder to whomever is living there.
  • If your property is in a high rise building, post a map on your front door showing the route from your unit to the trash shoot or room. This can be made using a simple word processing program – no fancy software needed!
  • Include trash requirements in your welcome information and lease. Say something like, “Failure to remove excessive garbage can result in additional departure cleaning charges.”
  • Keep trash bags in a visible place. While it may be tempting to keep the trash bags out of site (such as under the sink), keeping them in a visible, easy to access place will serve as a constant reminder for your tenant to take out the trash.
  • Require a weekly cleaning service. If you notice your tenant is not taking out the trash, offer to send a weekly cleaning service for an additional fee. This will ensure the trash is taken out weekly and that your property is well maintained. Tenants who don’t have time to take out the trash may appreciate this added amenity.

​Learn More: Property Manual.

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