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CHBO Knows What Corporations Want From Corporate Apartment Rentals


is dedicated to serving both renters and property owners. With abundant resources for finding or listing rentals, people looking for short-term rental options will have no trouble finding what they need when they search through the CHBO listings in their area. At the same time, property owners will find that they can more easily find quality short-term tenants for their apartments and homes, making it easier to make money with their investments.
Whether you are a tenant or a property owner, you can benefit from understanding what corporations are looking for in corporate apartment rentals, and CHBO is here to give you all of the details.

An Easy Commute to Work

First of all, corporations paying to relocate employees will have no problem paying a slight premium on a short-term rental if they know that their employees can easily get to work on time every day. For this reason, they prefer properties that are within a five to ten minute commute on foot or via public transit.
In some cases, a personal vehicle will be necessary when the area’s infrastructure isn’t set up to accommodate pedestrians or transit, but the key here is to find corporate apartment rentals that are convenient to the businesses where the tenants will be working. If the location and amenities available to a certain property make it possible for employees to live comfortable and conveniently without a car, this is a huge bonus, as corporations will gladly pay a little bit more in rent if they do not have to supply vehicles, as well.

On-Site Amenities

CHBO property owners have some of the best-appointed short-term rental apartments in the country. Corporations and individual corporate renters are looking to rent in buildings with community pools, fitness centers, and other luxury amenities, and our property owners have them. Renters who use CHBO to find corporate apartment rentals have more luck and better satisfaction with the properties they rent, and they get more of the luxuries they’re looking for, too.
Whether you are looking for an apartment complex with a full gym, a rooftop pool, a hot tub, and/or off-street parking and private entrances, you’ll find what you need with CHBO. And, if you’re a property owner with an amazing short-term rental unit, you will know that you’re listing your property with the most respected and trusted corporate housing site around, too, with a higher caliber of renters.

Locations Is Key

Corporations looking for quality short-term rental units for their employees, contractors, and partners actually look for more than just a fast commute. They also look for the finest neighborhoods within five to ten minutes of their locations. They know that they need to make a good impression on their relocating employees if they want them to stay, which means finding quiet neighborhoods with excellent property values near work. CHBO’s property owners have some of the most envious short-term rental apartments and homes in the entire country, making it easy for corporate tenants to fall in love with their new city.
The locations of CHBO corporate apartment rentals also make it easy for tenants to get to know the area and find out which neighborhoods they want to consider when purchasing their permanent residence. With apartments and houses near the finest shopping centers and districts, as well as parks and recreational areas, people who stay in our property owners’ short-term rental units have no trouble adjusting and acclimating to their new lives, wherever they are relocating.

The CHBO Advantage for Corporate Renters

If you are an individual or corporation looking for the highest quality corporate rentals with the most luxury amenities anywhere in the United States, you can’t go wrong with Corporate Housing By Owner. CHBO’s property owners have the very best apartments and homes in the finest locations for your business. That means that you won’t ever have to worry about what you’ll walk into when you agree to rent one of the properties you find here. You’ll always be guaranteed a luxury rental experience fit for even the highest executives in any corporation.

The CHBO Advantage for Property Owners

Because they are furnished, have more amenities than some other properties, and offer short-term rental options, corporate apartment rentals are almost always more lucrative than regular leasing arrangements. And, with Corporate Housing By Owner, you can count on quality listings that reach the highest-quality renters in your area. You can make more money with less effort when you partner with CHBO to find tenants for your corporate rentals.
CHBO has more listings than ever before in cities all over the United States. Whether you are looking for a short-term rental apartment or you have a property that you would like to convert to a corporate apartment rental, CHBO has you covered.
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