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CHBO Makes Various User-Friendly Updates to Website

Denver, Oct. 3rd, 2016 - The largest corporate housing rentals provider in the world is unveiling a new website with some exciting updates. After researching the latest techniques and trends in web design and online interfaces, Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) introduces a number of new features for their website in the coming month.
Visitors can expect various upgrades, all of which will improve the user experience, make the site more user-friendly, creating a better means for renters to find corporate housing in their desired areas and for owners to list their corporate housing properties, as well.
Faster Load Times
One of the first changes that users will notice, CHBO’s new site will have faster overall load times. Users will no longer have to wait for pages and images to load. Instead, they can browse and/or upload as they need to, quickly and easily.
More User-Friendly
Though the site has not lost any features, it will now be much more user-friendly. Renters can instantly search for properties based on their destination and their departure and return dates, from the front page. At the same time, listing is made easier from the very beginning, as are other features. Plus, you can see featured properties from the front page, as well, in a visually pleasing design that’s not too busy and will not overwhelm the eye.
Enhanced Search
While prospective renters have always been able to search for properties of interest to them in their desired areas, CHBO is upgrading and enhancing their search feature. In addition to browsing cities with CHBO properties and entering destinations and dates, users may also tell CHBO exactly what they’re looking for to save time and energy on their search.
A Friendlier Mobile Site
Mobile technology is taking over, and more and more users are doing all of their searching and listing from their phones and other mobile devices. CHBO’s new site will be much more mobile-friendly, making it easier for renters and owners alike to use the site as they need to, wherever they happen to be, and on whatever device they happen to be using.
Industry Insight Pages
As an additional feature for property owners (and for renters), CHBO will offer industry insight pages with valuable information on the corporate housing industry. These insights will help owners get more from their investment properties, while helping renters understand the market and find better deals on corporate housing in their area.
Enhanced User Experience
Overall, all of CHBO’s updates to their site have been specifically designed to enhance user experience. Whether you are a renter in search of corporate housing or a homeowner interested in turning your property into a profitable investment, you will enjoy faster, more user-friendly features and an all-around better user experience when you come to CHBO’s new site.
The new website updates are now live. See for yourself what a difference they can make for you as a renter or owner.Corporate Housing Rentals

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