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Investors and Lodgers are Choosing Monthly Residential Rentals - CHBO Launches 8th Annual CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Survey

As smart investors look to diversify their real estate and investment portfolios and adhere to new laws prohibiting nightly rentals, more property owners are turning to monthly furnished corporate housing rentals.

DENVER, Nov. 16th, 2016 – Corporate Housing rentals have been an essential lodging solution for more than half a century and should not be inadvertently lumped into the new trends and restrictions of today’s “share economy” and CHBO has the data to prove it.  For the 8th year CHBO is launching the CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Survey to document the trends, standards and needs for this monthly furnished lodging solution. 

Successful corporate housing property owners and managers have found that investment and management trends reported in the CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report are essential tools for their financial success.  Did you know that 6 out of 10 corporate housing landlords say their tenants stayed on average 3 months or longer?  CHBO also found that last year 15% of the properties were rented for a year or longer.

The 8th annual CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Survey will provide insights into:
  • Pricing trends for monthly, furnished corporate housing
  • Average security deposit fees charged by corporate housing landlords
  • Required length of stays in the monthly corporate housing rental marketplace
  • Pet policies for furnished housing
  • Predictions and corporate housing landlords sentiments about the future 
The survey is broken into 8 main sections: Property Owners – Who, What, Where, Why and When; Outlook and Profitability; Rental Rates; Property Management Trends; Rental Properties; Tenants; Pets and Marketing Trends.

Independent property owners and managers of corporate housing rentals are invited to complete the survey online at Data is being collected through December 15, 2016 and findings will be reported on January 15th, 2017.  The 2016 CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report is offered FREE to all survey participants.  

"After two decades in the corporate housing real estate sector, I’ve come to appreciate and respect the importance of watching trends and studying data.  As you look for ways to be more successful with your rentals and capitalize on emerging trends this report is essential to your success ," says Kimberly Smith, co-founder and CEO of CHBO.

The results of this survey will be used to develop the 2016 CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report, which will provide corporate housing landlords, real estate professionals, real estate investors and property managers needed data, emerging trends and insights about everything from how to better promote rental properties, to how to improve the way they furnish and market their rental properties.  Historically, responses were received from property owners across the United States and around the world. 

About (CHBO) is the number one marketplace for furnished corporate housing rentals.  CHBO was founded in 2006 out of a need to connect private homeowners and real estate investors offering furnished, short-term rentals with corporate housing seekers such as traveling executives, relocated professionals, traveling nurses, actors, athletes and more.  Today CHBO servers the larger Corporate Housing - Extended Stay Monthly Lodging market.  CHBO also offers individual homeowners and investors tools to manage a corporate housing property themselves as well as help them market their property to a mass audience turning to corporate housing to fulfill their housing needs.
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